Friday, June 12, 2009


Early in the morning , I accompany my sister to redo her hair due to her hair was looked so messy,therefore,we have a visit to my cousin saloon again.Of course I did think to straighten my hair but due to my mummy was not agree with it and I also satisfied with the hair and scare on regret after doing so,hence,i no do anything on my hair.=D

After that we continue our journey to our lunch,at bukit anggerik,CHU CHIONG FEN.hEHE.always the best choice,the ever best dishes,LOL.I still can remember i was always eat the CHU CHIONG FEN that made by this uncle in my childhood.Really memorable.

Tuition time is near,so i headed to my centre.Meet my baby EVON.muaks muaks! Hehehe,have a long term didnt meet u,after tuition for a while,i escape from the centre cause i feel inside the air conditioning was so-damn-cool and i headed to seven eleven to buy some food,TRANSFAT TRANSFAT....LOL. then the 2 sss guys , the one who just friend with me a decade ago,demand me for get them a hotdog,GoSH,i call them to buy so,they say lazy to walk.== I looks like maid?DO i? GOSH,i help them buy norhs =D then they wanna pay me back I am just don't wan,I dunno what's the reason i DON'T WANT,I just keep on refuse to take the money,maybe is not an big amount so just dont care about it =D One of them today have a nice hair,looks sharp and really attractive, and his shirt is same like TEH XIAO BIE shirt that wear in my birthday that day.gOsh,suddenly feel u can compare with me BELOVED TEH XIAO BIE =D gosh.LOL.then the other one,i would like to apologize for being too SAMPAT.LOL.cause when he say that he having some family problem,me this SAMPAT PO go and say,what's the problem?huh?why? After realise it I feel myself was being so-damn-busybody and is that any hell related to me.GOSH,right after the moment,i realise it and call he SWITCH ON BLUETOOTH,thinking wanna apologize but dunno he not hear it or what , he just ignore,or maybe he was too concentrate on teacher teaching so he not realise la,I am okays,But just,sorry here yea =D I am really not purposely =D sorry sorry =D

Hmm,after that ,the tuition class end,MR Chin nearly throw out my bag out today =D Gosh,worry about it,but just,ur class was too cold AND I don't know what u talk about,but is my problem,cause i always be useless student =D cannot be deny that u are such a good teacher not just good but pretty excellent, =D heheheh =D

After come back from centre, I feel so tired and sleep until 10pm =D gosh.And sms Alvan, not really know how to describe about him,but one of his message hurt me and I am still remember what's the message about,But everything will be fine,just maybe don't so rely on him will be better.Peace =D

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