Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy haPpy day =D ♥Pavillion♥

♥The Day with My beloved girls♥
First of all,wish u all can enjoy in ur beauty fair.GAMBATEH =D
Hmm.Yesterday i hang out with girl,wei,bb,wenwen.We went to Pavillion.First time meet Wenwen,nice girl she is,she is caring and always ask me with the way of smooth,
''Will u feel bored?''feeling of touched remain in my heart and I would like to say thanks and I am really enjoy when the day with u all,babies.
Thanks for weiwei fetching me,=D And thanks for the chocolate chips from BB =D muaks,
It is nice and I enjoy it =D
Thanks for baby girl,she gave me a purse that I like it so much and I change it immediate as well.cause i really love it so much =D muaks.
Due to my parents were not in,so i go YAMCHA session =D
Hehehe =D can out till nights,so sad it was Monday if not we will headed to club? =D
Hmm,let's picture do the talk =D
My love always.
Girl =D muaks.

the name of us.muaks.

Weiwei & Bubu
Hope u will be allright =D
The caring Wenwen =D
♥ muacks ♥
Gaigai ♥
The Only mamak session photo.
bb,see i so sayang u,
captured u only =D
muaks ♥
While they were discussing where to go.
CHOcolate ♥
Toilet's time =D
♥breakfast is good for health♥
The Pro in driving.Though a bit speedy.♥

Continue with the yamcha session.I know a girl named XIAO JUN.Seriously,she is a bit active but she is very friendly.♥ Glad to have u as my friend too.

And i meet liying,we meet before in OLd towN when my birthday right,LOL,when the moment i see u will not feel strange,Hehehe,and feel warm =D hope we can yamcha again and i like u cause u are so true to me. ♥Muaks =D

After that we headed to futsal,first time of going there,a new experience for me and a Male friend of them fetch us back,LOL.sorry for spoilt up ur window =D Hope u don't put it in ur heart and i know u won't =D And xiao Jun was even worst on spoiling it,but if u ask for my payment,i will give u too,but i know u wont =D thanks for fetching me back too yea ♥


虽然有些事情,不能事以愿为,但是,过去了的爱情,就像是风正断了的线,怎样找也找不回,放下会对大家比较好,留下美好的做回忆,感觉一定很好,宝贝们,坚强 ♥

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