Sunday, June 14, 2009

Shogun shogun =D

♥Last time at SUNWAY PYRAMID.shogun with family♥

This is my brother's girlfriend.
Her birthday is coming soon.
I have given her the present.
Hope u will like it.
Muacks ♥

Shogun time with my baby evon ♥
Gosh,u know what time i wake up?LOL.7.30AM cause my lovely baby evon say she will be reach on that time,so i set alarm but u know the actual time she reach?9 o'clock.Gosh .. Then I am very tired on the whole day shopping,after practising piano,then i make up and wear my hair extension,after doing all those,we walked down to the guard house,luckily meet my brother ,then he fetch me to the bus station and we take taxi go,thanks gorgor =D
U know the taxi fees go and back? It's about RM60. gosh, NO CHEAT.
1 Utama,not a good place for shopping for me,But ROXY is having promotion and i buy a bag for my brother's girlfriend,cause her birthday is coming soon,and hope u will like it,
muaks ♥
Due to we too early reach the place,so we have a walk and looking for the clothes and bags =D
Have a nice walk =D

Taxi ♥ Camwhore


A little present for my brother's girlfriend.
muacks ♥

Tell u the truth,peppermint is always the best choice.
I hearts peppermint icecream.
Muacks ♥

I know what this girl like.
Cause she finished up the cheese cake i take to her.
gosh.and she demand me for the 2nd time.
GOSH.but she qualified to eat so,cause she is slim.

She love oyster too,but i not really enjoy it.
Cause i dunlike the taste. ♥
The first time i go out and take .
I love thai cuisine.
AND the food here is creme de la creme.
CAN compare with those big hotels =D
Muacks..heart SHOGUN ♥

I have a happy happy DAY ♥

TO: my baby evon

Thanks for always pamper me, hEhe,i can still remember how u comfort me when I am sad,facing failure in the relationship,u always remind me not being too pure and be easy cheated by guys,though i have made much of wrong decision and being stubborn for not listen to ur advice,but u still not to leave me alone,and u no scold me before nor being no manners to me before,i appreciate to have u as my friend , and u promise me the first u fetch after getting license will be me,u know?i really feel touch.Thanks for always be by my side,and thanks for your parents always fetching me,I LOVE U . my baobei =D

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