Thursday, February 25, 2010



I gonna move to my sister room soon,yeah,I gonna leave my pretty room and closet.
Now needa sharing,maybe will move out soon for college life.
Everything just make a full-stop here which I don't feel like continue crap bout this case.

Next,Kinky overnight in my house.
We get lots of chit-chat and my pretty hubbie goona sacrificed himself to sleep on the floor but with the warm blanket that I prepared for him. LOVE NEED SACRIFICED. RIGHT?

And we bump our ass to interview today.We had a training bout skin-care.
And now,I am expert in skin-care.hahaha. iGnore my bull-shit.

Just came back from Darryl's house. He having a simple open house.
And hubbie date me to Maison and tonight having a uniform party.
But I am just absent due to the tiredness and laziness.
I changed lot. I used to scream when I heard clubbing but now, I am just bored of it.

Hubbie needa attend due to his cousin is so excited to that and they came from Raub.
So I leave hubbie alone. Sorry. Still love you.

Everyone. Nights.

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