Saturday, March 13, 2010

At least I got a good news !

Uhm,today,I go out with MeiChien. =D
Yes,Sri Suria Meichien =D and also Kinky and hubbie !

I could remember clearly how I said break-up to my hubbie this evening
and I know how much tears I drop.

Frankly speaking,my mood swings heavily these days.
There is some mental problems appear,I had hide inside my room cry for many times.
I can even cry until my mouth can't cover .
I heard my mum said : There's useless for crying,I wouldn't give a damn.

And I am thinking on ChiewMay parents,her dad even comfort her.If take it as a compare,I am really....

And today I couldn't stand on my hubbie's bad behaviour.He late,and I call him he didn't answer.
And he promise me to take-care me 24hours for the day,but he fail it and change to 12o'clock,then change to 3 o'clock and I am still keep standing on my feeling of disappointment and I call him on 3 o'clock , he even don't answer my phone,this drive my crazy and I am thinking on break up. And both of us break down and cry. But love brings us back together.

And we fetch MeiChien and Kinky out.

Conclusion,we had fun today .
Uhm,I don't care what tomorrow will be but I know I wanna treasure the friendship now.
Love you my friends.

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