Sunday, March 28, 2010


I totally can feel my sadness and disappointment right now.
Tears is gonna drop and feeling can't lie.
I thought that we are really best friend.
I thought that the meaning of bestn friend is sharing secrets together,outing together and helping each others.
I thought we had been go through this.
But in the end is just I am to easy to be cheat,to easy to pass my heart to someone and they are too easy to cut my heart to pieces.

I trust that the one who gave people the real love only will get the hurt.
And I am sure that I give you my heart as a best friend.
That's the reason why I am unhappy right now.

Yea,as I said always feeling couldn't lie.
I didn't blame on you,cause there is no point on put a blame on you.
Yet I have no regret for requesting a chance for us to be best friend.

I need to be tough.
I couldn't cry.
I will smile and wish you goodbye.
Will pull off your position in my heart.
Smile and walk away.

I was hoping we can be the ever best friend previously.
But now it was just a crap for me..
Thanks for the memories that we spent.
Having dinner at '' tan cha ook'' . Have a walk in night market together,
having baskin robin chocolate steamboat,having talks in riverside,
and spent our very last moment together in my room chilling and funny talks.


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