Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Outingggggg =D

In the early morning, I get awake from KAKAK cause she needa clean the room.
Look at the clock . WHAT ? 8AM + OMG.I can recall I sleep on 4am !
But anyways,I gotta meet up CheeWeng korkor,Cyrus,and Hubbie,so I am still wake up.

Stick my body to the SOFA that place in living room,brother's future wife give me something.
A pencilbox , looks like pet shop design, and she hope me all the best in college.
Thanks =D

And after this and that,I prepared and CheeWeng reached,on the way to take BABE CYRUS,
I phone KINKY =D mwahs mwahs mwahs !
And she replied the call with the soft voice,we all knew that she still sleeping,hahahaha !
Therefore, I awake her and call her prepared =D

My big roses :: on my hair ::

My tired + UGLY faces :: OMG ! PMS killed me ~ I apply blush but my face still looks like a ghost, no picturing ! sorry friends ! hahahahaah !

D.A.N.G ! PUBLIC BANK ! gonna pay roadtax mah ! car insurance mah ! and this stuff do bout 6 hours ! what the hell?? apa apa?

FEW kids avoid of the feeling of bored and run to PIZZA HUT.. HAHAHAHA.
Breakfast =D
Everything can divide by 3,and all the food will become not so pricy ~~ wohohohoho !

Then,we continue our journey to Maluri's jusco ! After that, we go to Petaling's street.
We go in for a temple,and Kinky pray for her hubbie and hope her hubbie having good lucks in his business =D

We realise a Cruel TRUTH ! Actually we rans for the wrong bank ! OMG ! And we faster runs for the right one =D and we be the last customer that they served . Luckily,we still completed our mission =D

Then,hubbie take us to KLCC. For surveying my birthday present =D

I am still wondering.Suddenly I feel neverfull not nice. After we go for LOUIS VUITTON shop and I tried on the bag,seriously,I don't know why suddenly I disliked it !
=( too big? or what? It is just not suite.
And they call me consider twice. Maybe burberry Valentine's collection??
Think carefully yeah dear ! =(

We bump our ass to CHILI'S
I in love with Chili's food but I hope their portion can reduce. =w=

It's my day.

Thanks cheeweng korkor for the fetching,thanks cyrus and kinky and hubbie too =D

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