Thursday, April 22, 2010


I think my feeling now was damn suffer..
I hope you can understand,I can argue with most of my friends but not you,you are really such a VIP in my life--Eyvonne.

Firstly,I really feel very warm when I know you concern me so much,
I wish I could obey to you also but just in such a moment,I couldn't heard bout anything.
I just don't wanna anyone to involve. I love him and seriously I do.
No matter what you guys tell me I also wouldn't care. Could say that even himself had told me before on loving him cause it will just bring hurt to me,but,please forgive my naive,my stubborn-ness. Just let me to get hurt. As I always say,never tried never know.

I am just wanna love him. Use all I can and all I could to love him.
I don't know why I addicts with him so much and I just wanna him to be my drugs.
Just let me go.
Maybe I will fall down some days later,but don't needa stop my footsteps. =)

Still. thanks for you lots. Eyvonne, I love you de ya =) Mwahs !

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