Sunday, May 9, 2010

♥ 7.5.2010 ♥ Baby's off day ... datinng in Jusco

This is the couple tees I buy for my Baby Boy ♥
Nice huh ? It discount 50% but seriously I wanna buy it so long already.
I think baby knows that , probably if there is no discount I'll still grab.
But discount is really comes with the right time. LOL.

I really cannot imagine my baby boy will crazy with me and wore it out since he repeated many time he will not buy such tees and he feel is slightly expensive ♥
After begging and begging, he wore it . Thanks God ♥ Hahaha !

Thanks baby's friend for fetching us out. ♥
And now, here is how the day goes ~

We are seriously starving...
And as always baby allowed me to choose what I wanna eat as long as finished up all the food with not wasted. ♥
So of course I choose my favourite THAI FOOD ♥ Yumm Yumm ♥

Their signature drinks is seriously sucks,but we don't have any choice cause it include in a set. LOL. But I just use my tongue taste it a little and I didn't drink it anymore, sky juice will be better. LOL. nIce to see suffer to drink. Hahaha ♥

My choice : Lemon's chicken . TomYam Soup , and Steam Rice of course. LOL.

Baby's choice : Black Pepper Beef , TomYam Soup and STEAM RICE LA OF COURSE..ARGH ~
hahahaha ! Tomyam is my favourite always and always till forever. Hahahaha ! ♥

Next,we do some survey on watches. Owh ♥
Needa save money for my new pets . Haha ! Guess ? Esprite ? FCUK ?
Or maybe HELLO KITTY WITH RM10 ? Hahahahahaha !
Don't know yet,needa do discussion my baby first. Haha
And,baby pampered me with Coffee Bean since there have no Starbucks ! Arghs ♥
It's my first time and I think it would possible be the last time.
It not suite me ! Argh. I need chocolate chips inside my chocolate drinks !
Hahahaaha,cause wheneva I bite the chocolate chips I could feel the satisfaction.
Lol. I am abnormal. Blah Blah Blah ....

♥ End of the day. I allowed baby to pay for me. Uhmm. Maybe you guys will feel weird why I wrote this down. This is because I am someone who are quite weird. I don't like guys pay for me even in last few relationships. I very less use guys money. I prefer pay seperately. Maybe I have not enough secure on guys. I afraid they will count with me after break up and said that I used up most of their money and blah blah blah. I just dislike it. But now, I will accept baby paid for me. Cause whenever I be with him I can feel a kind of secure. Don't know why,I am just like a little child of him. Just like I'll not bring money when go out with sister,brother and parents. But others,I will bring lots of cash,I am just like afraid no money couldn't get back home. Even go for a simple walk in a garden,I still will bring money like hundred bucks. Quite insane. But now,I am trying to believe baby,if there is baby beside me,I need to cool down myself and lye down on his shoulder cause I trust he is more than enough to protect me. ILY ♥

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