Tuesday, May 4, 2010

♥ Blah blah blah...I love you baby boy

In a sudden I get a news bout my baby boy gonna start his blogging life ♥
I am like ? WHAT ? OMG ~
And I start to expect something from there ..
But,you know how long he struggle for shitted out his blog? uhm. bout whole morning for a post?

And I am like refreshing non-stop until his counter showed 100.
And,something was out,I am like,OMG..AT LAST ~
Seriously he is someone who not really easy to say out his words and I am a bit suprising he can write such a long post and no wonder he spent a lot of time on it ~

It really so touching..
I am his little princess in his heart now ♥ * shy shy * * stand up and say YES *
But when I read bout the part he needa back to hometown,
my heartache again.

I just very hate someone remind me bout that,but I know I will remind myself very oftenly.
I am just cannot overcome the feeling and cannot imagine he leaving soon.
Whenever touch bout this sensitive issue,I will ignore,if I face it,my tears will drop very easily.
Fragile heart? I wonder.
when it touch my love,when it touch you,I will become so fragile..

I will not care bout anything,I will use all my energy to do whatever can for him in this period for time,cause I don't wanna stay any regret in future.

Everything I do,I do it for you ♥ hiroaki handa

I know people who are pamper me so much will disagree I contribute so much for him like I always take bus to Melacca and so on.
But just , maybe now I can take bus go Melacca but in future I couldn't anymore,impossible I take flight right? So I just wanna do everything I can and I could now,cause in the future,I know I am with not be the problem I wanna do or not,but just,I couldn't do it anymore,is not in my range of I could.

So,don't stop my step,if you all still love ur little princess,pamper me,please support me.
I need you guys support.
Especially Cyrus. Evyonne. CheeWeng. Kinky. Mico.
You know and I know,my life couldn't live without you guys right ?
Please. Support me okay ?
And you guys know it so why don't you guys choose to support me ?

Seriously I am quite suffer when I know I am alone giving hardwork in this relationship and you guys disagree me sometimes.
Support maybe is just a message or just a word.
Hope you guy could understand me.

I will stick my butt to there soon.♥
Ciao ~

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