Friday, May 7, 2010

❤ 看不开



suddenly feel like using english,cause there is too much of 汉语拼音's error. lol .

In a sudden,I am seriously mad on him.Why all those shits always happen and negative up my thinking and mood? Arghhh. Of course I didn't go and scold the girl cause I don't know her. I will start to gain very frustrated and being emotional like nobody business. Of course darling won't let me become like these,he will try his best to comfort me but actually think twice,he get nothing's wrong. Should be clear up my mind, the one who start sms+ing were absolutely not him and his reply just as a respect and as a friend.

So there is no point for my angriness ? HELL NO ! I sure noone can stand the feeling of reading those messages. Just like something ''I dream that we had been together'', but the next message is ''I know la it's just a dream''. And sometimes is bout ''I see the one I love are happy now, so I am also okay with it'', but sometimes messages will be ''Although I love you but I wouldn't tell you''.

Girl, I understand your feeling. But the problems pop out with,you are someone who having a boyfriend and he is someone who having a girlfriend. If now Larciel was single,you are allowed to do so but now he is in a relationship with me, is that really fair for me ?

Obviously I am not scolding nor blaming on you,just your actions like that seriously will made me feel uncomfortable. I never tried before to stop my boyfriend from smsing you,maybe have also I am just crapping. Cause I don't want get involve in my boyfriend's freedom on making friends. But, can just don't do it too over ?

Lastly,everytime I wanna see my boyfriend is not that easy. So I don't hope my hardwork is just pay for argue,though sometimes argueing with a small matter is quite sweet . LOL . Everyone's dating is waiting for the 1st year anniversary,just wishing for the days they pass will be long but for me,I really wish the time could stop,cause I know he will leave me when in the year-end for 2010. And this is also the fact that I really don't hope to face. Arghss =(

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