Wednesday, May 26, 2010

♥ The Fear ... The Strange .. The Matureness~

Hey everyone,I am a college student now.

Today is my virgin time to enter tutorial class and I meet my classmates.
Too bad to say that,I really couldn't mix in.
Yeah,it's all bout my own problem,and the same and the same.
I don't like to mix friend arround.
But luckily friends beside me invite me for joining their group.
So glad to say that.I am having a group now. YiPeee..

College life is perfectly new to me.
And I am bad in recognizing the road.
I lost every moment. I asked for help but actually most of them will bring you to somewhere else.
LOL.Maybe sometimes independence really needs a lot.

Today I spend my brunch with one of my friend named --FooHong and also his friends.
They smoked in front of me. This let me thought of my pass.
I did take cigratte smoke in my secondary school life.
I have buy cigratte few times before. And I am just like playing with the smoke but not seriously TARIK. Until now,if I really TARIK,I will cough like nobody business.HAHA.
Yeah,I am such a noob~
And today when I saw they smoking.I am like.Not interested more in that.
I had pass the moment.

Maybe in the pass,I did feel smoking is quite cool but now.Actually it's wasting money.Made my teeth become yellow,become unhealthy and even smelly.
So I hate smoker. I hate smoke.
And that's the reason I don't like my precious one to smoke in the club,but as long as he want to,I couldn't stop him,cause I dislike to control him.No one likes to be in control even myself.

Times will made someone matured.
I did really like to club previously,I am just like,WHAT?CLUBBING?SURE ON.
But now,I am like struggle hard not to go.

Everything was change. Look back my pass,seriously I changed lot.

Hopefully all of these come with positive. =)

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