Sunday, May 2, 2010

The feeling of uncomfortable ~ ♥

Anyone could help me overcome my problem,comfort my feeling even give me a very warm hug to let me feel there is still some love in the air?

Seriously,I am suffering in breathing.
I am afraid to take a deep breathe cause I am afraid on people.I even scare on people know that I am still alive.

My tears drop madly.
I hate you.
the reason made me hate you is just because I love you too real.

You told me,you would like to put effort on this relationship.
But you told others you are confusing with the problem of your status,being single is better or together with me will be better.
When I said break up to you you will say that please don't give up you easily.
Seriously you have drive me crazy,I am really brainless when I meet you.

I can even fully pick up and ran to your side.
I just hope to be the little princess that just special own by you.
I hope to stay with you and with the moment spend with you is the moment I treasure.

I swear to god this is what LOVE means.

Maybe I ain't perfect but SERIOUSLY I tried hard to be perfect.
I learn to be more independence . I throw off my depending.
I learn not to cry easily but I just couldn't control my stubborn tears.

I tried hard to recall back our memories everyday just I don't hope to let it fade away.
I try to don't compare my love with your love is just because I WANTED TO LET MYSELF KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU IS STILL A KIND OF HAPPINESS TO MYSELF.

seriously I am also a simple lady,simple princess and simple girl.
I will tired too.

I can really allow you to club,going out with girls,sms+ing non-stop even being flirty,hugging girls in the club.

But,can you please inform me before or after you do that ?
I need your inform rather than I search it out myself.
I can really stand on being transparent,having a non-opening relationship,
but I don't hope my love or can say as our love having any lie and any secret.
Hope you understand.

Quarreling and Argueing with you is the most frustrated thinngy that I don't hope to happen.

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