Saturday, May 8, 2010

♥ I love my current life

I am now at Melacca, near Pahlawan , a saloon which baby's work.
Baby just finished up washing and blowing my hair,I am now patiently waiting baby finish up his work and we will bump to dinner. OWH ..

I like the moment be with him so much,stick with him all the time is seriously what I wish.

Omg,I bought a pair of no heels 'cinderella shoes' few weeks or few days ago,
and today is my virgin time to wear it.
and you guys know what happen? it end up with 4 plaster stick on my pair of leg.
And I bought a new shoes again. Arghss ~ I don't feel to wear the shoes anymore,it really kills me.
My god.

I got guaiguai orhs ~ I take away fried rice for baby's lunch but too bad he had his lunch already.
But still he will finished up my food.
LOL. This is because he won't waste food,maybe he know there is too much people suffer in hunger in Africa ? LOL. No idea ~ ♥

These few days we having a better life, Coffee Bean and STARBUCKS ~
Yesterday Coffee Bean today Starbucks..♥
HAHAHAHHAHAHA ~ very happy =D but I think we will get even poorer life that last time sooner.
Hahahaha ~ it doesn't matter. As long as he hugs me all the time, I am okay with everything =D

And,yesterday both of us wore SUPERMAN and SUPERGIRL tees to Jusco.
Cute little couple . LOL. i AM white and he is GREY . LOL.
Melacca's Jusco is even larger than Kuala Lumpur's Jusco .
And we spend our good time in a Thai Restaurant. I love TOMYAM so much .

At night, we have DIMSUM for our dinner.
Tomorrow's I will be back to Kuala Lumpur and having celebration of mother's day with my beloved mummy ♥
Monday will be orientation in TARC. Uhm.
Baby,I will start miss you so much I swear.
Muacks muacks ♥

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