Friday, May 7, 2010

♥ Meet my darling ... mwahs

Baby oii~ =D
Here I come to meet you.. =)

Eyvonne and I waited and waited in baby's saloon until our body can grow up some mushrooms. Lol.
Eyvonne had a small hair-cut on her hair. Charges of her of course was so cheap. 5bucks? LOL. yeah.. thanks baby too =)

The little couple

After the boss enter the shop, we decided to quit the shop better than being busybody . Lol .
And I have the urge to buy baby something or do something for him as long could make him cheer. LOL . Of course he had no any problems larh okay ? Is just that simple reason I wanna he feel happy =)

Then,we walked to mahkota's bookshop and choose some stationary on doing it,cause I have no any pens or anything with me.

After choosing this and that , we decided stick our butt to Sushi King and start my work. Haha . My project ? My assignment ? Lol. I don't know,but I know is just the thing I want to do so =)


LOL.. If really ugly then sorry larh.. cause I really didn't much creativity and art's potential. LOL.. I am really noob in art =D but as long I do it with my heart and my love. blah blah blah ..

and I bought something for him too. will show it up soon if there is chances. =D

Some silly pictures of us..
Some memories for us...
hands hold together...
baby I love you..
and I don't wanna leave you..
no more hurting each others..
kiss and hug me all the time..
i need you and i really do..

days end with a dinner in a mamak.
although is just a simple mamak.
but there is nice food.
asam ikan pari..delicious and excellent..
of course we did order more food,roti cheese and burger..
we drink 4 glasses of drinks.
cause the ikan pari was really spicy and hot but it also equals up to = SYOK ~

I love having those simple life with you.

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