Sunday, May 9, 2010

♥ a simple day outing like this ♥♥

Few days ago, I went to LeisureMall with friends for the movie IP MAN2.
Tears drop while watching the sad part,when the guy was died.

After that,we pampered ourselves with Baskin Robin since it was Wednesday.
Buy one SCOOP get another SCOOP for FREE !
Chocolate mint is always my first choice just like I will just drink Chocolate Cream Chips in Starbucks . Owh ♥

Of course I will not forget to visit LokSam , he work there as a handphones supervisor~
And we eat ice-cream together.
I share with Eyvonne while LokSam share with San Ing.
Owh ♥

After doing all these,the day was still early.
The partly reason is because leisure mall had less fun but the mainly reason is because we stick our butt to early to leisure mall.
We reach on bout 11 something ?
OMG . Haha ~ So we decided to having our time in K room-- Neway.
It was still in ladies promotion. Wulalah ♥

I sing 一眼瞬间 ♥ with SanIng a.k.a Mama's boy ~
I get run key majority. LOL.
Don't ask me why,I am just suffer in that song always. Too hard to catch the right pitch.

The day end like this and I still can recall it was the day I having a meet with KahBen and also move my house to Setapak. owh ♥

Happy Happy Day ♥

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