Tuesday, May 11, 2010

♥♥ Tired

I am now currently sticking my butt on the bed.
Using the APPLE LAPTOP of my darling.
and he warn me not to spoil his computer.
Arghhhh ~ hahahaha ! no lah.. he is just talk with me softly larh.. no warn la duh ...

My eye is gonna closing soon.
listening to the melody of the fan..
it makes me more into falls asleep..

baby go out have his time with his friend.
maybe there is something occur and he needa comfort his friend.
hope everything will be allright okay ? mwahs !

Today when I just reach baby's saloon, I saw his new hair cut..
Owh.. he changed so much.. Chubby little KIDDO.. omg..
But I am so FEARRR on him.. cause I am still not use to it...
After he give me a warm hug then he will success melt my fear,haha,this is what I swear..

Then we have our dinner. Uhmm..
quite okay ..
Is just a simple dinner .

I am now really in sleeping mode..
i wanna off t0 sleep.
before baby go out,he gave me a warm kiss.
he is more and more in love with me and i can feel it.
thanks dar. mwahs. i love you.

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