Saturday, June 26, 2010


18th of JUNE
Went to Pavillion with the love and Kevin ~~~♥♥♥
Main reason was searching for my brother's gf's birthday present.
We have no any idea and just keep on came out from this and that shops.
OMG. I had visited a shop named ' swarovski ' and there are selling tons of delicate crystals.
I am thinking to buy it for my brother's gf but it was slightly out of the budget we plan to.
So I just leave the shop with BYE-BYE. LOL.
And I did aim a necklace which I had tell my hubby it was so nice . LOL.
But seriously and truthfully,I am just tell it without any reason like I always tell him do.

At last we reached Swatch's shop and we decided stop our step here and buy it.
Due to the price is quite reasonable and the watch is quite classy.
So I bought it with the price of RM220.But actually our budget is <200.
Haha. But nevermind,cause my brother's gf always pamper so much too =)
So it's the time I pay for her,just hope she could treasure and like it =)
Suying. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! ~~~♥♥♥
I LOVE YOU ~~~♥♥♥

We walk and walk and walk,until starving like hell.
Of course,these few days we go through lots of trouble and unhappiness .
For me is just like , I am keep giving backstabbing , bla-bla-bla.
But for my hubby, he needa pay effort to get close with KL,get familiar with everythings.
And for Kevin,he is just having some little arguements with room-mates.
Therefore, we decided pamper ourself with a satisfied dinner and hope we could really enjoy it.

My choice ~~~♥♥♥
Yummy,always and always... ~~~♥♥♥

I will not forget to try this, XIU LONG BAO~
YUMMM YUMM.. It was just a starter for us or can said as appertizer ~

This is the cold-dish. Japanese Cucumber ~
OMG, I am just addicts on it, I finished up almost half plate of it,
usually I hate vege but this is just so perfect to me.. YUM YUM.. Haha.

Toufu and also DONG BO YOK ~
Haha. both of it are delicious, Licking fingers.

and now ~
The dessert with watermelon flavours =D

I did enjoy our dinner so much.
Satisfied,sweet,happy ~ ~~~♥♥♥ It is just excellent and pretty nice especially the~~CUCUMBER! HAHA!
And we carry on our journey. ~~~♥♥♥

We have our movie ...
To be honest . It was not really nice.
But I enjoyed the moment hubby hug me in the cinema.
Thanks hubby for the caring always and always =)

The next target of us :::::
HAHA. Planning to watch in Gold-class since we didn't try it before.
wOhohoho ~~~♥♥♥

This is the end day of pavillion..
Thanks my god-brother , How Chee Weng for fetching us back.
Too bad he couldn't join us for movie but as he said,he will only be caring on me and do whatever he could and he should do for me,but he won't have entertainment like watching movies,singing K,or clubbing with me. I am just don't know why ! haha

Kevin overnight together with us =)
And cheeweng send us back to Prima Setapak ~ ~~~♥♥♥

In a sudden,
when I am face-book ing, My hubby suddenly hug me from the back,
and take out something for me .

I am like ? OMG.
I see the wrapping and I could clearly re-call the brand ... SWAVORSKI .
The necklace I looking for ? My mind was doubt on that...
And actually I am slightly blush and don't know how to response on that cause I though he never leave me before in the walk except he go to toilet and I do so too ?
HAHA. I am just feel so touching. Thanks darling ~~~♥♥♥ You are just so sweet to me !

And he give me this too. Cause he know and I know that , MY EYELINER HABIS ALREADY.
hahahaha ! Etude- house, my always choice ~

At last only I knew that he ordered Kevin to buy it when we are shopping in QuikSilver shop and Kevin was lying on me he going to look what shows is coming up soon. Arghhh ~
Angry with Happiness. Touching with loveliness ~
Mwahs ! ~~~♥♥♥

End of my day, the softly my hubby told me 2 months anniversary were arround the corner and this is the present he gave me =) AND. Thanks s0 much Hubby . I LOVE YOU ~~~♥♥♥

The Next Day :::::::
19TH of June

I wear my necklace out ~
LOL. happy happy !!!
I remember I did go clubbing too , but seriously I forget all the dates due to my late-updates and my memories lost ... OMG.
but it's okay..I know I go maison and I know I come back home safely and I know I didn't drink any alcoholic and didn't smoke. I am good girl as always my hubby call me. My guaiguai de baby oii~ hahahaha !

Before I go for the club ::
having a picture with my hubby,due to his short hair,he don't wanna face ppl.
Kesian punya comel~amboi~~~ ~~~♥♥♥

We ate sushi in the afternoon in Leisure Mall. The picture we captured.

We are keep on,sushi-king,Mc-Donald,Us Pizza,Dragon-I,old town,station 1,uncle John... and lots of japanese restaurant more which I forget the shop's name. Arghhh.. I wan home-made.
I am really feel tasteless with WESTERN FOOD,FAST-FOOD,AND JAPANESE FOOD..
I need some home-made soup and steam-fish to survive. I MISS COD-FISH BADLY !!
baby,we learn cooking together okok ? haha

We watched this in leisure mall.
I love this movie so much ! ~~~♥♥♥
I am proud of u XIOA DRE. Mwahs !

This is the picture when we playing cooking mama in the kitchen.
Baby and I ..
muahahahahaha ! Devil Or Evil ?
nonono ! We are always angels !!! =)

Okay guyss..wait for the second blog... so fast and so soon I promise. Maybe just few hours or minutes later ?? bout my shortiies hair?? yeah yeah !


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