Saturday, June 26, 2010

~~~♥♥♥ ShoRtie Hair Princess.

New hair-cut. New LIFE.
A concentration love with my hubbie. Hiroaki SANG! ~ LOL.
He helped me cut my hair... I love IT so so so muchhhiiiieeee ~~~♥♥♥

Camwhore since I make-up.
I didn't wear my fake-lashes for sometimes..
But nevermind,I can still alive with the only Eyeliner ... bUaHahaha !

With the little hubbie..
Crazying ... ~~~♥♥♥

I am saying Bye-Bye to you guys.
Heading to wangsa walk with Love and Love Daughter. ~~~♥♥♥

Hiroaki handa ==

This is the movie we watch... ~~~♥♥♥
Just so so..

And I watched this also. with hubbie in pahlawan..
Sex and the city 1 is betta =)


1 comment:

APRIL said...

Baby you look much cuter and young with short hair!
Very nice!