Thursday, June 10, 2010

These days..

Recent life...

There is really kinda lots of problems happen these days until I really feel hard to breath.
But it feels really good when you know you are not alone.
No matter what's the problem is,my love one will always beside me,take care of me,comfort me,hug me tight even comfort me into sleep.
Lying on his shoulder really feels good and even can release all my stress and tension.

In deep inside my heart and my mind,I know and I could feel his insecure-ness.
I really don't know what could I do to help him but just I am happy for everything he do for me.
Sometimes,he will get fustrated and maybe he will have some hot-temper,
but it is not that serious,maybe he will just get so silence and don't feel to say a word.
In such a moment,I'll really use up all of my energy,do what I can and what I could for him.

In friendship and family-ship,I had give up to put effort on it.
Just let it be and everything just follow as what they want.
I will not care on it anymore.
Should be said that I have tried before to put some effort on it but can be said that all of the effort I put was just can't be seen by them.
Cyrus,needa tell you that everything that will happen have their own reason but not ever relate my boyfriend a little,this is not the way I protecting him but it is just the fact,he get nothing wrong on both situation.

I just need to enjoy my life now.

Some happiness happens still among all the sad-ness.
I spend my virgin time for WANGSA WALK and so on my baby's first time.
We have some bowling games which baby really not bad in it,he could easily get ''strike'' and ''spare'' which I always support the ball to roll in to the drain~haha!
I enjoyed the moment baby taking bus together with me,having breakfast with me in the market.WOhohoho~
It is just like the life after married.
We go together and buy lots of stuff like maggi mee?chocolates?egg?vege?hotdogs?
Haha,and we spend our time inside the kitchen and mess up everything end up with two bowl of yummy maggi mee with eggs and hotdogs.But I really feel enjoy when the moment we looking each others funny face on tasting it.
We still can get our dessert that is ''chocolate'' the minty one~My favourite always.

And after the bowl of maggi,we feel that is not enough full,we can still eat the break with peanut choco jam =) wuuuhoooo ~
Life spend like that was really great.
I hope everything could be settle down easily.
I don't hope to sleep alone but I wan baby's hug in every moment before I close my eyes~=)

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