Friday, July 23, 2010


HAHA ! I am just feel like wanna express out my feeling with english !!
My BI teacher was scolded and scolded my english was so sucks !
WTF ! But what to do?? maybe it is true ~ and my english was getting rust and rust..
Due to I have use to blog in CHINESE ! SO maybe I get improve in my chinese subject ?? yaya ! for ignore it to be rust !!! Teeeeheeee !

Okay well..
I used to be a princess. Hubby and the daughter used to in charge the house work and I am like just being a PRINCESS in the home !! but actually princess is just for a better name, the real name is the princess aka the lazy pigg ! Opppsss !!
AIYO ! This is because I am really....................lazy and I hate to move .
So.. you know i know la harr !! =)

But today I finished up all the housework at once.
wash clothes,and hang them up,tidy up the room,sweep the floor.. !! hehehe !!
and it end up with a satisfied result !!! no cheat !! yeah ! I am always that honest...with no cheat ! hehe !

I am now pretty excited..
My hubby will be back with bout 2 days more?? or can say as tomorrow since now already pass the 12 o'clock ??
hehehehe!! I miss him damn damn much ! HE DIDN'T LEAVE ME FOR THAT LONG IN THE PASS. we use to stick together and keep on talk non-stop.. crap here crap there,pointing on people and say yucks ! and observe on the car and say THIS CAR IS NICE AND I WILL SHOUT TO HIM when i saw my dream car... the 4wd caryene ! which I dunno what it's name ! hahhaha !
and we cook together eat together,watch movie together sleep together !!
and we are excited 24 hours when we are together !!
we are the crap-couple ! hahahaha ! =)

But I had been dump for 2weeks long. I even hard to smile in the first week losing him !
i AM just full-fill my days with tears,sadness and also the feeling of bored.
I am quite okay on the second week I guess.
AND maybe this is because I am slightly more busy in the second week cause of my relative pass away,assignment and ME test ! AND of course my lonely fade away with EDWIN AND JINGYI ! HEHEHE ! they are my new best best friend ! but I am also having a good relationship with the leader of our class since I love her so much ! cause I feel she is really gorgeous ! *stand up and say yes * hahahaha !

Well !!
i am now pretty tired.
But I wanna take a bathe before I run to my bed !!
goodnights everyone !! hug !!
ayosuminasai ! dakko !

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