Wednesday, July 7, 2010

~~~♥♥ Our new bABies

Quite a time didn't update my blog,sorry for the disappear cause I went to Singapore AND JohorBahru.And now I gonna update now.

In the journey that we wanna back to Kuala Lumpur,hubby's phone rang. When he picked up,he not really speak so much. And is not in a good mood and after he close up the phone,he came so down.Although I am keep on curious and ask WHY WHY WHY? And he don't put a damn on me. Okay.. Ignore ignore,I am just keep silence. And few seconds later,I still keep on WHY WHY WHY again. And he replied :: my grand-dad had pass away .
In such a moment,I get into silence.Hug him tight.He had about 4-5years didn't went back to his hometown which is -Japan, and now he couldn't see his grandpa for the last time.He feel guilty and his feeling was really bad. And of course,he will gonna back to Japan so soon. And when talk bout this. My tears will wanna fall and seriously i get nightmare. This is because I am tired and when I close my eye,my heart will still thinking bout he is leaving me soon then I will end up with a shock and awake in the middle of night. I will still lye on the bed and close my eye and wait for the next asleep.

But at last we have a solution to contact each others. His home-town will not be having any wifi or internet service cause oldish not really play those things AND his hometown is in far from the city so it couldn't apply any wifi service too. Therefore we think bout BBM. And we bought 2 blackberry,MINE--CURVE 8520.HUBBY---CURVE 8900 And he promised will go and open a line there to contact me.

In honest opinion,I hate blackberry..
Blackberry?? When my friend asking me what phone to buy,if they say blackberry,I will say, BURBERRY STILL CAN,BLACKBERRY? NONONO !
but now . ALAMAK. I am using it. MEMANG SIA SHUI..

Anyways,baby pampered me with a rose and I am happy with it.
Maybe I will get use on it in future?


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