Monday, September 13, 2010

A little story of mine.

Happiness,sadness come in our life.
Tons of story. At the every end of a story,we learnt somethings.
And,I had my lesson today.
And,I would like to share it out.

Holiday ! Hooorayy ! What will your mind come to when you think bout holiday?
For me,and for this time,I would like to think about my part time job since I had a lot of dream stuff need to buy,but most of the time,baby will full-fill my dream like I just say,baby,this is nice ! And probably I'll get it on the next day or sometimes delay,next week/month.
But still,I feel guilty on that ! I WANT TO BUY STUFF FROM MY OWN ! I WANT TO GIVE MY BABY PRESENT TOO ! Bahahahahaaha ! Yeah ! This is me ! I am not use to get receiving always but I enjoy paying too. Paying my love to him ! =)

And I have a little interview today,applied for the flyer distribution job. RM10/hour !
Pay on the spot everyday but I could only start the job by next week.Poor thing !

The guy driving a LEXUS , with a spect and look smart !
The car plate number is start from S ! Is from singapore. =)
He interview me with manner. And he drop me an offer. This is our conservation.

Employer : Do you drink,or should say that you can drink,Luyi?
Me: Hmmm. I don't want to do those kind of job.
EmploYer: What you meant by those kind of job?
Luyi: Probably those ambassador?
Employer: What's wrong with ambassador?
Luyi: Nothing wrong,just I am not use to it.
Employer: Okay,just a sharing here,currently I have an empty vacancy for the job escort girl,and the pay will be RM50/hour and that is not included tips,probably you can earn 200-400per day.It's not like what you think.Let's imagine,I have a lot of client as foreigner and when they come over here,they need girl to accompany them for example like they just want to invite you for a dinner as they just wish someone to talk with,is something like they pay you for a date,is not as bad as what you think.
Luyi: *shack head* touching touching included ( curious ) ?
Employer: Okay, lets discuss, you need to treat them as your friend, like if your touching refer to any friction of your skin then sure will include like maybe they will hold your hand.They pay for you and your scope of job is need to comfortable them.And they will give you more tips and the client is not those old-man but is guys like us,20-30 years old,why not you try to?
Luyi:*shack head even hardly *
Employer: Okay,I am just suggesting and maybe you could consider it , my girls are all from University and some of them are models too. This job is famous and is a kind of professional job as known also as PR ! Is not as bad as you think. We need girls can speak English and have a height, well-groom and also with an intelligent look,I think you are suitable only I told you and drop you the offer.Would you like to consider?
Luyi: Thanks but I wouldn't accept it.
Employer: Okay,just do your job in flyer girl first then,when you change up your mind,you could tell me =)

Money means a lot for me and also for the majority of people.
But still,something is couldn't buy by using of money.
For example, self-principle.

As for myself,I don't hug when I club.
I don't touch with stranger and I will push people off when I feel uncomfortable.
Even just a touch of waist or hand. This is because I don't feel comfortable with that !

Try to think, today, people pay me 50/hour and just for my accompaniment and just slightly a little bit of touching (hug/touching hand).AND still, I reject ! This is because I trust these thing is not that a gift for everyone or not a thing could be exchange by monetary.My body and my skin is not a product of a business.
And try to refresh back,if you get touch easily and let people hug easily inside a club,or so call enjoying,what do you get? Actually is quite a shame,not to say that open-minded or traditional thinking,but today people would like to use their money to buy your hug,and still I DON'T ALLOW,but why you guys wanna throw out these as FREE GIFT ? Think about it.

Even somehow I am regretting dating too much of times,but I have no choice,cause I really trust every of my relationship could last and I did put effort on them,but still,sometime feeling wrong or not really match couldn't be force.

So girls, protect yourself.
As economics taught us,the lesser amount of a product ( limited edition ) place a higher valued.

Hence,make yourself a LIMITED EDITION but not a PIRATED DVD, you are not deserve for RM10 FOR 3 =)

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