Wednesday, September 1, 2010

♥ New pet of mine. Happy 4month anniversary ..

It has been four months..
I follow you wherever you go...
Thanks for being with me..

We will celebrate every month-sary.
Although we know that there will be ton of months for us.
But still,we prefer celebrate it...

And we had just pass our 4th month-sary.
As usual,he will buy me something
(except the first month we been together,cause he not falls with me so deep at first,this is the fact he told me ... ewwww)
And he bought me swarovski when my 2nd month-sary and a huge surprise for my 3rd month-sary,Canon digital camera which I totally didn't expect for it.

Money flows like water,and at last we committed that we shouldn't continue to be like this..
but for sometime, I will still mumbling that '' you see la,no more present liao la and bla bla bla so-on and so-on''
But I actually I am just finding something to disturb him like I always do.
But still,he bought me something .
I wish to get this for so long already. The most touching part is he purposely take lrt to lowyat just for the pen-drive and then he rush back to the KLCC for his schoolmates-reunion..
Tears flow * ='(

p/s: although it is good,but I still needa complain to you guys that he become more ''pattern'' and ''pattern'' nowadays. He can even simply throw his tantrum to me just because of his ''running-nose'' !! But I didn't do anything wrong!! help me whack his butt please =)

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