Saturday, September 4, 2010

Oppsss ..♥ Mega sales + little make-up tutorial ♥

It's time for party...
no more exam !!

My baby come and pick me right after my exam and bring me to KLCC..♥♥


What's inside the paper bag ?
ParKs0n ? opppsss!
First little paper bag...
AND I GET......


Estee Lauder---Lip's conditioner
After open the red box,I found a gold box...
uhhhh-huuuuuuhhhh !!

After make-up.
my cat face =(
by-- make-up artist , KLCC estee lauder ,CHERLY NG

A little tutorial I would like to share to you guys since I get this by the beauty advisor.

Firstly,bout the brush.
We have lots of brush which now I have 4 brushes and which is use on Foundation powder,Brusher,Eye-Shadow and lips.
For powder-like product, we need to use the brush.But for liquid BB cream,we need to use the different brush . ( Could not use with the same brush )

Wash the brush :: Using the cleansing milk to wash,then wash it away and apply some shampoo with conditioner and wash away by water. =) Don't need to do it very frequently.

Next,applying eye-shadow is a deep knowledge.
Before you apply your eye-shadow,you can apply a base of concealer,this could brighter up your tone colour of eye-shadow.
And you should know :
The part of your eyes (which the part that closer to the nose) need a lighter colour,and the rest behind you could apply a darker colour.(Just like a shadow behind)
If you are using eye-shadow's colour plate like mine,you could see there have tons of colour and you can mix it.(straight away mix it and don't worry,it would not easily dirty up or mix up the colour in your colour plate)
Colour recommended : Light colour,more to gold,silver,light brown,light gray.
Dark colour,more to dark brown and gray.
And the part that near to your eye brown,you should use a very light colour(more to silver-white)and brush it on. This could make your eye looks more lifting (as she told me)
If you have the pencil eye-liner which is gray in colour,you can use like/as eye-shadow's dark colour,or just draw a end-tail for the eye.

There is 3 types of eye-liner.. Gel-like, liquid-like, pencil-form.
Eye-liner that I usually apply is the liquid form eye-liner,reason given is Gel form liner couldn't draw a thin line but liquid could do it so well. I tried the brand Lancome before,is quite nice,cost RM70-75. Elianto and etude house is not really recommend ! Ah-ha ! There is a liquid eye-liner I like it so well and you guys can easily get in SASA ! Japanese brand with pinky colour and kawaii poster girl as cover,brand-DOLLY WINK ! cost RM55.90 ! My baby bought me this ! =) It is really nice to use.
And today I learnt that the inner part of your eye (which is a bit watery part),you should also draw your liner there,but of course you couldn't use the liquid form while applying the part.
Hence,you should use the pencil eye-liner.It's not an easy job cause you will feel itchy while you apply it on.(Even today I couldn't stand for the itchy-ness and shouting ''STOP'' !)

BB-cream, loose powder,brush,sun-block is a must.

Baby bought me MAC mascara,Sister give me Revlon's,Anna Sui free gift when I bought perfume,Etude house amazing extra long , and today ESTEE LAUDER GIRL free me a mascara as gift also.
But among all of these, I prefer MAC that baby buy to me.Nice to use and longer lashes.
For people who use eye-lash curler,your lashes will be drop off easily.
Therefore,try to curl your lash by mascara-stick while applying,it would be less effective at first but slowly your lash will be more and more natural curl.


I do have lots of lip-glose ,lip-stick.
But I don't apply ! You know why? Cause my lips will crack oftenly due to the least water I take. And no matter how liquid-like gloze I used but it will neutralize itself so fast !
And till today only I know that,due to my dry-dying lips is so dead, and IF I still don't wanna take good care of it,it will turns with permanent scar-crack.
So,buy a LIPS CONDITIONER now,apply it twice a week before you sleep.
And make sure buy ESTEE LAUDER for this product !
Lips conditioner IS NOT LIP BALM OR LIP-GLOSE !
Lips conditioner is very effective and if you don't take good care now,when it turns to permanent scar,it is too late to say anything more.

Concealer will make our skin dry and even some of people will cause shedding skin.
Therefore,make your smart choice on choosing product,make sure choose the slightly oily product in concealer =)

IF you guys interested to buy ESTEE LAUDER cosmetic,
I would like to recommend you guys to KLCC parkson ,estee lauder counter and find for the beauty advisor , Cherly NG..
She is the best beauty advisor ever =)

**** The whole set of cosmetics is came from the most warm hearted baby - my hubby !!
He likes to buy me stuff which he always do.
He buys me lots of cosmetic,
MAC mascara,eye-liner and now.. WHOLE SET ESTEE LAUDER !
But ... thanks ya !!
This is also my 5th months anniversary present cause I DONT WANT HE WASTE MORE MONEY FOR THE COMING MONTH !!

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