Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It had been ages I didn't update for my blog~

It had been ages I didn't take care for my blog... =(
I am really super duper busy..

I am now still hardworking for my EXECUTIVE 5 which my aim is get it by Friday.
First and foremost,
SAB company did really help us a lot and a lot ...!
Product , SKIN HEALTH.
Ingredient of the product : MOOR + HMA + BASE OF EUROPE.
According to some research and some people telling,
Moor is a substance of plants,early of centuries, when people having war,moor do help them for healing their wound.Which means that it had a healing effect,when it apply for your face,it will heal your problem but not just cover your problem like what skin care and cosmetics do.
Today if a pimple pops out to your face,you will use ''foundation,bb-cream,counselor,liquid or solid type and this and that'' to COVER the pimple.OR another method,using PIMPLE GEL,T3,or PIMPLE STICKER to hide it under your deeper skin.

When you do this,all of your toxic will just absorb even deeper into your skin.
Do this really helps your skin?

Then,when you go for a Jusco or place that selling skin care,
you will see tons of the brands, do you really know which type of skin-care you suitable with?
And also what type of skin you are? dry?normal?oily?
But EUMORA fix all type of skin because this is a kind of SKIN HEALTH instead oF SKINCARE.
and this is really useful and can use in your skin on your whole body!
PUt the head grow hair,put the face can (anti pimple,anti aging (wrinkle,lift up),anti oily,anti dead-skin)
put the lips then your lips will become PINK !
Even you use that to brush your teeth,your teeth will not bleed anymore!
Put on your scar,wound,your scar/wound will even recover.

This is all the fact had been proven !

Next,it provide an opportunity for people who in need with money.
RM6.5K monthly if you really do it,
time flexible,no selling.!
Just help people around you who really wanna get out of their frustrated job
which they don't like and the salary don't fit their need.

The one who I really love so much is ARTHUR YAP!
His talks had been recorded to a CD and I had listen for the CD repeated and repeated for many times.
Precious things of us is TIME,we need to work with our times,therefore only we get money.
BUT We need additional with purpose.
Does LORRY DRIVER pay most of his time for his job?I mean he drive along from JB to PENANG and how many hours do they takes?10hours?
but what is their pay? DID THEM RICH? NOPE !
this is because they drive without a purpose,do you even see before a Lorry Driver excitedly and tell you '' WHERE TO NEXT?''
hahahaha ! Therefore they drive without purpose!

SAB provide you all the purpose and all the needs you want.
No one dislike money , money can even gain things you need and respect from others people.
B-big !

We work for sustainable,achievable and earning a good income.
We gain more than we pay.
If they offer us a pay that =work,this is not a business,this is a job !
And I am now working for a business which do not need any rental,do not get any lost,and I am enjoy of being on of them. =)

When I would like to introduce to you guys you guys will afraid of me,
When I pass you the bar you will ask SURE OR NOT?
And when I wan pass you again you ask so many question..
Hello,this bar had been sell for millions and earning tons of profits!
Do you think people will buy so much of this bar if there is no effect?

I chase for activities I do not chase for results.
If you doesn't join or what-so-ever I won't feel on anything,cause you are the one who miss your opportunity,
I know that all of this is just a matter of time,when I be success,you will be asking me HOW WILL I GET SUCCESS !
So I understand that,all of this is just a matter of time.
When I get my team they will get their team ,and I can get income for 2 generation.

People who see the potential in this business will start to join this business AS SOON AS POSSIBLE cause it really works just the people who still stubborn with their self-old-minded will stay behind !

Glad that I am ready for my work =)

Who wanna join,may contact my bf (0146283575)
cause he had more patient compared with me cause I am just easily gain frustrated when people don't get what I mean,so he is much better than me to coaching or explaining to you guys how this business runs ! =)

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