Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Should say that couples will welcome valentine.
But single don't be sad,your days will come soon =)

In a lazy mood and have empty plan for Valentine~
Even need to attend classes but I am late for it!

After this and that,the love pick me to leisure mall and we have a simple celebration.
As if I can cook I will rather celebrate at home cause it will be kinda pack when having dinner while valentine.
I am really agree of the sentence about ''if the relation runs good,everyday will be our valentine''!

Leisure Mall : Secret Recipe (since sushi king is having a full-house)

♥His choice
♥ Her choice
♥ Appetizer ? Starter ? Should be Fries ?
♥ Sharing - Ice Blended Mocha Espresso
♥ Her Curry Noodles
Urging to get this,don't feel like ordering steak.
IDK why.
♥His Choice
TOMYAM spaghetti
♥A little present from him.
I have my first bum watch when mum bought for my Standard-6 CNY.
2ND Swatch watch from my god-mum's son while I get 7A'S in my PMR,as my reward.
3rd watch -ellese from my family include bro,parents,sis.

So this is my 4th watch.
As he knew I like it when I saw people's wearing,I have been doubt for a year cause there is many them own one.
But after considerate for so long,I decide to take it cause it had been in my mind for a year which means I really like it!
9.34pm.I started to wear you

I love you

*he was thinking to buy me one rose,cause before that I had told him before if wanna buy me roses,better buy me rose instead of roses cause they will get wither in the same time.
As he agreed and wanna buy me one but when we go there,one rose cost RM20.Just a normal rose as usual and also decorated as usual,in a sudden,I pulled him away.

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