Saturday, May 7, 2011


Tomorrow is mama's day =)
I buy flower to mama and she is coming back today from China.
1week dah tak dapat tengok dia .. =)

I use up all my money left to buy flowers,
even i borrow from my love..hahahaha! gila betoi!
but mama have very less chance to receive flowers so think twice and third and many times,
i still didn't change my decision to make loan from the boyfriend . HEHE ~

It cost me not much,it is worth to change back a smile from my mama!

Red rose is represent papa's love towards mama!
Red carnation is represent all the boy's love towards mama include my brothers and my love.(although he is still not accept by my parents.=.=)
Pink carnation is represent all the girl's love towards mama include me,sister,xiao-hui and shuying =)

So i think 3 is enough ? actually I wanna get 8 flowers but out of budget..poor little pwincess,cannot afford to give queen more roses . ewww!

Lastly and still.....

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