Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy MAMA'S DAY~~~♥♥♥

I rush this blog in Mother's day..
Such a proud.Yeah,it means I'm just right back from celebration.
Can I just do the talk by pictures?
Lols..As I don't think you guys read each of my word?Well,you all will just feel am crapping.
LOL! OK! FINE ~~!!!

We are still cute and young *coughs*
My idea for the post.Am good in creativity ? *blush*
Princess in the house *
* Females of the house.

I be the cameraman,that's why am not inside *tears.
Yeah! spot me spot me!! Am here~ * peace
Such a sweet couple for almost 30 years *claps
Am huge in the picture *sad.
* lovely *
* my sister , the gossip girl always.. XOXO
Okay,some of the advertisements here,may enjoy what they are promoting.
*Mr Teh Zhe Han.
Model of chili sauce ? *Ahhheeemmmmm

***** Promoter/model/ambassador of Milwaukee's restaurant =)
Orange juice lover ?
here come some lovely picture *shy*

Some dishes that we ordered :: ~~~♥♥♥

My choice and bro's wiffy .~~~♥♥♥Brother's choice
Sister's choice
Mama's choice
Dad's choice!
Everyone's share
This is the face while everyone enjoying the food ~~~♥♥♥

Big family here.

Second brother and his girlfriend is far away to London for their further education.
Although all of us know they are missing the time they spend here but it is no choice for it.
Just hope they can be tough always and go through all the obstacle together peacefully.


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