Saturday, May 14, 2011

My result =)

Well,3roses from the love.
He gave it to me as a reward for my result although it is just a normal or can say as bad result in other's eye,but for me,and him,and of course my family,we had satisfied with i am so rejoicing that they didn't give me a huge pressure,well,stress will cause someone couldn't breath,i guess. So there is no point to make me die.As their love make me stay alive ~~♥♥♥

am get B for tamadun islam ( which I don't know why and even I predict that it will failed. )
am get B- for investment
( even muikee=my little teacher also frightened as we not really go through much for it )
am get C for both finance and my resit paper-Macroeconomics.
( I tot I can get better for finance paper and it is cukup makan for Macro ~~♥♥♥ )

Well,I can still barely remembered that I had a nightmare a couple days before my result release.
I dream about I got 3 failed and I am in a big shock and get awake immediately.
Though I knew it was a dream after I woke up but still,the unstable emotional couldn't stop in a second.Cause it was too real for me to dream it as I lack of confident since I failed my Macroeconomic in the way I DONT KNOW WHY!
but it passed. as now,i can go to my second year without carrying any resit subjects. thanks god for everything.thanks muikee,thanks baby,thanks my family,my friends.As you all were my strength when I was weak .~~♥♥♥

Anyhow,I will still go hardworking for the next challenge .
Come on,I am power-full~~♥♥♥

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