Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy shopping day ...

Yesterday as I blogged, I went to Leisure Mall and I saw nike having sales up to 50%.
and I have told my sis and dad in the middle on night.well.of course we are chit chatting somethings then I thought of it only I said it la,not purposely bring the topic in * and sister is so astonish and shout *raise up her hand* and said 'I WANT!'

The next word comes out from her mouth was actually ''But i've no time'' - '' meimei,can u help me buy can u ? can u ? can u?*
Of course I said:''show some sincere.hint hint*sponsor me some money for my new phone please ** hahaha!

And today,dad brought me and mummy to our lovely target-shoes destination and..'shout a WOW' there are lots of people. =)
AND i called my sis and she is really troublesome-*even call me mms those pictures to her! ==
WTF * and at last she make a decision *actually the design she want out of stock*due to our big elephant leg?*lolx! (we are in the same shoe size! =] )
and she choose the light blue colour with white base colour.
If you pay more attention,actually we choosen the different base,I choose the flat base and her's is ZIGZAG! I like the ZIGZAG more but unfortunately there is no PINK for ZIG ZAG base!

Actually I don't like sport shoes,I like slipper! HAHA!
after take in few times of consideration =want?dont want?want?don't want?
I laugh in my heart and said *buy it first,if not next time I need pay myself.*
and I bought a pair of pinky squeeze me slipper and also a pair of sport shoes! HI-5

Dad think of my 2nd brother after seeing a pair of black shoes,he told me that if 2nd brother is here,he will sure want that shoe *because when my 2nd brother in his childhood time,dad bought a leather shoes for him when he new entered to kindergarten,due to my 2nd brother is too naughty and maybe afraid*kid ma~on going school,he run out even climb up to the gate and give a kick to teacher head with his blacky leather shoe =) maybe dad had thought of that so he feels that brother will choose that shoe =)

Okay well. pictures do the talk =)

In conclude : Thanks DADDY AND MUMMY ! I LOVE U !

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