Friday, August 26, 2011

A sweet date with hubby =)

Maybe because of exam makes me full of stress,
and I decide to tidy up myself and have a date with my hubby =)

We go for our favorite Japanese food,
we take our dessert,
we go shopping as always do.

As I know I wanna appreciate the moment like this well,
and keep it hard as my memory...
because he is gonna back to Japan.
No tears and keep smiling =)
As we know,it is for our better future =)

Thanks hubby,
you are my hero.
As I am your lady,now and always.

Thank you for go oversea for fighting for our future.
Thank you for taking care of me such a long time.
Thank you for keeping our promise.
As we promise each others,wanna bring this love to always.

你是我的全部 =)
我会长大,会自立,会好好照顾自己,不让你担心 =)

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