Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The day in HATYAI ♥

My favorite picture of the trip~~
Hat Yai,A place in Thailand.
Before I went there,people gave me a lot of negative comments.
However,I don't feel so bad.!
Things there is really cheap..RM10-15-20.
Shopping fever ON~

Off to airport.BByes
At LCCT ! virgin time of my flight~
AS a conclusion : is worse than bus!
Reach HatYai!
sit ''tut-tut'' =)
40baht =)
Ohh.Reach hotel.
My leg is pain ='(
So nice.WungNoy Hotel =)
Lovely hotel yet cheap.
850 baht.
My mickey baby-180baht =)
My roses. 20 bahts.
Just wake up from nap. =)
The next day =)
Nasi Lemak
Mineral water also nicer-FOC
Ohhh.Change hotel to VC apartment (save cost)
550bahts. due to overstay.hahaha !

Seven eleven food. Nestle mineral water 12baths Meiji milk 27 bahts Rice terriyaki 45bahts
Pork garlic 30 bahts Hotdogs 37 (one pack cheese )bahts Coffee 20bahts each =) CocaCola 10bahts Japanese panda biscuit 20 bahts Hotdoy 20bahts (foot long cheese)

This one 30 bahts
Our clothes for brand new days after shopping =)

All of mine =)

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山猪 said...

hai,do you have the wungnoy hotel contact number or email adress?