Friday, August 26, 2011

Korkor's Birthday - Cempaka Hotel VIP suite =)

Extra credit to Cyrus babe for wearing cloth on my nails =) awesome =)

My korkor turns to 21 =)
OMG! now can legally go in to Casino .. ! Hmph !!
Not to be addicted on it ya =)
Sayang and love you as always
This is the overview of the hotel's environment
Yeah,we ordered pizza for the day,
not to cook until sweaty smelly and we are all lazy piggy as usual. Opps, alcohol is just for decoration ( for me not for others, they like drink very much which I don't even touch a drop. bitter,spicy + uncomfortable , but it needs to make true or dare a little bit more interesting )We playing card at first,who is killer?who is police? who get killed? lolX!
As mico be is the most noob person on playing this,we need to keep quiet while be get killed by others if we are not the police,but when Mico get kill she pointed at the killer ( actually she is not in the condition cause she still don't understand how to play ) =p

DJ remix : Dada
Cause baby tonight,DJ gonna falling in love again...***
Give me everything tonight ..***
Everybody look to the left..everybody look to the right ~ ***

in a mess~ awwwww!Camwhore with friends =)

Korkor and me Cyrus Seng and me
he is so bad,throw out all his bad thing on that day... SECRET*

April mammy !!
But until now I am still angry her to do something so sorry to me! ARgh!

GRACE baby =)
hope you enjoy the night and know more new friends

Hubby and me ~ AWWW! two silly monkey ! or may say as APE , cause after the MOVIE, I like APE SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!!

We are mean to be friends forever


Happy birthday korkor,
Hope you study well in UK and buy me lots of Louis Vuitton!HAHA

My car is selling out =)

Second hand car, wira Manual 1.3 2001 =)

Hubby gonna back to Japan and gonna selling off this car.
This car create many memories .
I am the owner but hubby is the one paying =)
Thanks CheeWeng for helping us pay in advance and approve our installment for every month!
But it is gonna selling off now =(

Hope my wira zai can find a good owner in future =)

A sweet date with hubby =)

Maybe because of exam makes me full of stress,
and I decide to tidy up myself and have a date with my hubby =)

We go for our favorite Japanese food,
we take our dessert,
we go shopping as always do.

As I know I wanna appreciate the moment like this well,
and keep it hard as my memory...
because he is gonna back to Japan.
No tears and keep smiling =)
As we know,it is for our better future =)

Thanks hubby,
you are my hero.
As I am your lady,now and always.

Thank you for go oversea for fighting for our future.
Thank you for taking care of me such a long time.
Thank you for keeping our promise.
As we promise each others,wanna bring this love to always.

你是我的全部 =)
我会长大,会自立,会好好照顾自己,不让你担心 =)